Holiday 2014

Publish 88 Brought Holiday 2014 Gifts.

Characters that are at least 30 days old and who logged in between 12/1/2014 and 1/1/2015 received a randomly hued gift box that contains the following:


  • A Fireplace Deed in either green, blue, or gold.
    • Fireplaces can be ignited and doused by double clicking on the center piece. Fireplaces now function as a fire source for cooking.
  • A Grinder that can be used to grind various plant products like Coffee. The Grinder can now work when locked down in a house
    • Grinder.png
  • A Steam Powered Beverage Maker that can be used in conjunction with the cooking system to create new items listed in the “Beverage” section of the cooking menu.
    • Steam beverage.png
  • A Power Scroll Book - The power scroll book can hold 300 power scroll, no more of 99 than any specific scroll.
    • PowerScrollBook.pngThe scroll book be must locked down in a house in order to add scrolls. Stat scrolls cannot be added to the book like the ones from the Harrower.

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