Kingdom Reborn Client User Guide

Want to learn more about the new Kingdom Reborn client? This page contains links to pages detailing its features.

Having trouble getting the Kingdom Reborn client to work? Check the KR Troubleshooting Guide.

KR Menu Hotbar Selections


  • Worldmapicon.jpg - World Map: Opens Large map and Radar map
  • Mainmenuicon.jpg - Main Menu: Log Out, Exit Game, User Settings, Macros/Actions, Help, Bug Report, Close
  • Backpackicon.jpg - Backpack: Left click once opens backpack

Game Play Features

  • Craftingicon.jpg - KR Crafting - Information on Crafting in KR.
  • Housingicon.jpg - KR Housing - Information on House Management/Customizing in KR.
  • Lootingicon.jpg - KR Looting: Item Stacking, Inventory Management, Item Storage.
  • Npcicon.jpg - NPCs: Interaction with Non Player Characters (NPCs).
  • Partyicon.jpg - Partying: How to form a party, other party features.
  • Animalloreicon.jpg - Pets: Information on pets, commands, stables, sample macro's.
  • Runebookicon.jpg - KR Runebooks: Using runebooks.

Desktop Features

Other Client Information