Character Sheet


The Character Sheet is a new feature in the Kingdom Reborn client. It allows you to view the collective properties and statistics your character has. To view the Character Sheet, open the Paperdoll and press the "Character Sheet" icon in the lower left corner.

The character sheet lists all the properties on your character
  • Paperdoll

The new KR Paperdoll, unlike previous paperdolls, contains 'slots' for all worn or equipped items as well as the dressed Paperdoll graphic. It also has divided items worn into 'Armor' and 'Clothing' tabs. Dressing your character is the same as always by dragging and dropping the item onto your paperdoll. Removing items is made easier by being able to drag the item from its slot to your backpack.

Holding your cursor over any of the slots will allow you to view the properties of that item, and makes it easy to see items that may be in need of repair, without disrobing clothes to view them.

  • Hints

    • When creating macros that require the actions Equip and Unequip it is easier to have the item on your paperdoll and just drag and drop the item to the 'command' box in macro creation. This is especially useful for full 'Dress and Undress' macros.

    • If you equip 'useable' items such as Spellbooks, Talismans, Weapons (blades or axes also use for cutting/chopping etc) you may wish to drag them from your paperdoll to a hotbar, then replace on your pdoll, so that you do not have to have your paperdoll 'open' on the screen to be able to access the property or use they have. Eg, If you have an ornate axe equipped for fighting, clicking on it in a hotbar will give you a target cursor to chop wood or destroy deeds etc. Your spellbook will 'open' from a hotbar without the need to open your paperdoll. etc


Every Page

The following properties are displayed on every page.

Selected Pages

The following properties can be selected by switching pages.

    • Gives information regarding your character. To open click the small 'head' graphic on the bottom left corner of your paperdoll or <left double click> your status health/buff bar from the game screen.
    • Displays points allocated to Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence - with a toggle arrow to raise, lower or lock the various stats.
    • Shows your maximum Stat cap.
    • Luck - (totals the points of 'luck' you character has by wearing 'luck' items)
    • Weight - shows how much you are holding compared to how much you can carry, ie 335/442 (stones)
    • Gold - shows how much gold you are carrying.
    • Followers - shows how many mounts, pets, summons you have. 5 is the maxium amount of followers and it is displayed as eg 3/5
    • Displays how many points of resistance to Physical, Fire, Cold, Poison, & Energy attacks your character has on armor/items. The maximum amount of 'used' resistance is 70 (up to 75 on energy for elves) however you may have armor that gives higher than the 'useable' resistance eg armor pieces that total 87 physical resist. The extra physical only comes into play in calculating damage if your character is weakened or cursed, in that you will not drop lower than the 70 if you lose -10 points due to a curse.
    • Damage - shows the damage dealt by equipped weapons.
    • Weapon Special Ability Icons - displays the primary and secondary ability given by the equipped weapon. These Icons may be dragged off the character sheet when creating macros that require a 'special' weapon attack.