Minax (Ultima)

Ultima II era Minax
Manga Minax from Ultima: The Terror of Exodus

Minax (Ultima) refers to an NPC in the single-player Ultima games. It does not represent Ultima Online history. It is plain that in UO, Minax is still alive, though inactive at the moment.

Single Player Lore

Minax was apprenticed to the dark wizard Mondain at a young age. In time, she grew to become his lover as well as his pupil. She survived her paramour's death and went into hiding.

Underestimated because of her youth, Minax was furious of the death of her tutor (and lover). Revenge set itself within her dark heart. As her talent for magic and capacity of malevolence far exceeded Mondain's, Minax decided to take control of the evils of the world without the gem.

Twenty years after the death of Mondain, Minax invaded Sosaria with her legions of Darkness. In order to assure that the Stranger would not interfere with her plans for vengeance, Minax invaded his homeworld of Earth. Once there, she used her dark powers to disturb the fabric of time, and destroyed the planet.

Lord British called for a hero to crush Minax's evil plans. The Stranger had narrowly escaped the destruction of the Earth, and answered British's call. Minax's castle, named Shadowguard, could only be reached through timegates (similar to moongates in the later games), and even then an enchanted ring was required to pass through the force fields inside.

The war against Minax's vile legions was long and hard, but eventually the hero hunted down the wizard, pursued her as she teleported throughout the castle, and destroyed her life with the quicksword Enilno.

With the dark energies released with the death of Minax in her castle of Shadowguard, the lands of Sosaria changed once again, reforming into two continents: Sosaria proper, and Ambrosia.

Unbeknownst to all, Mondain and Minax had produced a progeny, Exodus, an entity neither man nor machine.


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