Ors is the husband of Dawn, great warrior of Virtue and Queen of Britannia at the time of writing. He is a farmer in Yew, and is known for being fiercely loyal to his friends and too friendly and trusting for his own good. He is not described as a weak man, just not terribly prepared for much beyond his immediate sphere.

During the In the Shadow of Virtue storyline, Ors made his first on-stage appearance and we learned his name for the first time. He later fell in with the Bane Chosen and under the influence of Virtuebane and is taken away. Shortly after being surreptitiously reunited with his wife Dawn, he murders her with a dagger, ostensibly under some sort of mind control of Virtuebane.

On most shards, Ors is either killed or committed suicide shortly after the incident.


On the Chesapeake shard, Ors murdered Dawn, ironically, on Valentine's Day 2011.