Perfect Timing

The Perfect Timing quest is given out by Sutek the Mage who can be found in his lab south of Cavern of the Discarded inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon.

Quest Description

Presumptous, are we? You think i will just let you get your grabby hands on my clever inventions! I think not! If you want to learn how to create these wonders of mechanical life, you will have to prove yourself. Correctly combine the required ingredients to build one of my inventions in a timely manner and I might share my secrets with you.

-Sutek the Mage

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Upon accepting this quest, a Clockwork Mechanism will appear in your backpack having a lifespan of 3600 seconds. Double clicking this item will open a gump titled Begin Mad Scientist Quest which will inform you that you will have a limited amount of time to complete the recipe and ask you if you want to start it now. The clock begins as soon as you click Ok.

The necessary ingredient to add will be told by the message:

I need to add some..

The mechanisms that you might get -each having a random sequence of ingredients- are: Leather Wolf Clockwork Mechanism, Clockwork Scorpion Clockwork Mechanism, Betrayer Clockwork Mechanism, Exodus Overseer Clockwork Mechanism, Exodus Minion Clockwork Mechanism, Exodus Minion Lord Clockwork Mechanism and Juggernaut Clockwork Mechanism.

You need to find and double click the needed ingredient inside the lab in 10 seconds to get to the next ingredient. After each succesful attempt, this time interval gets a little longer. The best way to find the ingredients is to use the Ctrl+Shift buttons since there is a wide variety of them in the lab. You need to add about 20 ingredients this way after which you will see the constructed Mechanism and a Completed Clockwork Assembly will appear in your backpack. The mechanism will disappear with the message: The training clockwork fails and the creature vanishes.

If you don't add the required ingredient in time, you will get the message: You fail to find the next ingredient in time. Your clockwork assembly crumbles. You can resign from the quest using the Quest button in your paperdoll to take the quest again.

When you set the Completed Clockwork Assembly as a quest item and give it back to Sutek, the quest is completed:

There's more to you than meets the eye after all! You should enjoy this copy of my manual.

Using this manual you are now able to create Clockwork Scorpion Assembly, Leather Wolf Assembly and Vollem Assembly using Tinkering.

You have learned how to build mechanical companions.


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