Ruined Painting

Ruined painting.png
Ruined Painting
Weight: 10 Stones
Artifact Rarity 12

Ruined Painting is an artifact decorative item.


Ruined Paintings can be acquired in the dungeon Doom in Malas. It has a rarity of 12 and therefore spawns approximately every 128 daya. A minimum of 100 (Grand Master) stealing skill is required.

(110° 44'N 59° 20'W) Located near Nix the Variety Dealer in a hidden room in the gauntlet section of the dungeon. The spawn location varies by a few tiles each time.

There is also a Ruined Painting on Level 2 of Hythloth. It is on the North wall of the invisible maze corridor area. This version may or may not be subject to stealing.


The Madonna with the Long Neck
  • This is a rendition of an actual High Renaissance oil painting. It depicts the Italian painter Parmigianino's 1535 "La Madonna del Collo Lungo" (The Madonna with the Long Neck).[1]
  • The painting is a damaged version of the large Fishing reward, A Painting Recovered From A Shipwreck (Large).

Clean Up Britannia points

Ruined Paintings give 11,000 Clean Up Britannia (2011) points.

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