Savage Kin Paint

Savage kin paint.png Savage Kin Paint can be used by players to temporarily hue their skin a pale color and has the effect of preventing polymorphism, especially from the spawn Champion Barracoon the Piper. It made its debut as a craftable item in conjunction with the appearance of Savages in Summer 2001.

Savage Kin Paint is produced by characters with Cooking skill of at least 55.0 and requires the ingredients of one Tribal Berry and one Sack of Flour. The paint appears as a blue-hued version of the Jar of Honey.

Anyone may apply the paint to their character and it is removed using an Oil Cloth. Players should not attack NPC Savages while wearing the paint as it will cause the paint to automatically burn off their bodies and inflict serious damage on themselves.

In the 2D client, the hue left by the paint is very pale. In the 3D client there is the addition of tattoo-like markings on the character's body.


Crafting the Cooking item Savage Kin Paint
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
55.0 Cooking
Open sack of flour.png 1 Sack of Flour
Tribal berry.png 1 Tribal Berry
100.0 skill = 90.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes
Requires the "Samurai Empire" expansion.