Scroll of Alacrity

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A Scroll of Alacrity

A Scroll of Alacrity (SoA) will enhance gains in the skill listed for 15 minutes. It is similar to how players used to receive enhanced gains by training near Blackrock. When used, you can gain up to 0.5 at a time instead of the normal 0.1 point. There is a scroll for every skill in the game and all are Cursed.


As of Publish 67, they can be obtained from the chests recovered by Treasure Maps.

Storage option: Scrolls Of Alacrity Book

Publish 85 introduced a new item, the Scrolls Of Alacrity Book. Much like the Scrolls of Transcendence Book it allows an organized storage of scrolls, in this case scrolls of alacrity. Up to 300 scrolls fit.

Previous methods

Alacrity scrolls first dropped from red named monsters around the shrines of Compassion, Justice, and Sacrifice on the Felucca and Trammel facets. Each kill that awarded looting rights also yielded a chance to get a scroll. However the chance was extremely low, around 1% or lower. The shrine spawn would eventually be defeated and respawn in several hours. Inspecting the Ankh at a shrine would indicate whether it had been cleansed or not. If there was a black sparkle, then red monsters were still spawning. All of the spawn did not have to be defeated in order to cleanse the shrine.

The scrolls dropped in player backpacks and were Cursed, which means it could not be insured or sent to a player's bank-box with a Bag of Sending. The system was very similar to the Power Scroll system, right down to getting the same system message when the scroll spawned.


Scrolls of Alacrity is a reward choice for 20,000 points as part of the Spring Cleaning 2008 and Clean Up Britannia 2011 turn-in system. The skill of the scroll awarded is random.


A Scroll of Alacrity is used by double-clicking whereupon a dialog box will appear prompting the character for confirmation. When confirmed, the character immediately begins a 15 minute period of enhanced skillgain during which if they would normally gain .1, they will gain .2 to .5 points in that skill. While the effect only lasts 15 minutes, the timer will pause when the character logs out and will resume on next login.

After 15 minutes, the effect wears off and a message is displayed:

The intense energy dissipates. You are no longer under the effects of an accelerated skillgain scroll.

If no gains are made in the 15 minutes then the scroll has been utterly wasted.

Despite the accelerated skillgain, Skill Caps still apply so it's important to have used a Power Scroll in the skill if hoping to gain past 100.0 in that skill while under the effects of a Scroll of Alacrity.

As of Publish 58, being under the effects of a Scroll of Alacrity prevents the use of a Scroll of Transcendence. A character attempting to use one while under such effects of the will receive the message:

You are already under the effect of an accelerated skillgain scroll.

For the short time between the introduction of Scrolls of Transcendence and Publish 58, the effects of the two types of scrolls(Transcendence and Alacrity) could be stacked for instant and fantastic amounts of skillgain.

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