Seeker of Truth

This quest was given by Menzzobaanea the Seeker of Truth. She was found in the Lycaeum, located north of Moonglow on Verity Isle. She appeared in January 2006 as part of the Blackrock events. This quest could only be completed one time per character and could not be taken on if you already had another active Book of Truth collection quest. The Book of Truth event was for a limited time only and ended in March 2007.


The Book of Truth has been stolen, and we need your help recovering it. I must warn you. Dark entities from beyond our world have replicated it. Monsters in the dungeons guard the books, and only one of the books is the real Book of Truth. If you can find 50 of these books, we can inspect each one and hopefully one of them will be the real Book of Truth. We must recover the Book of Truth so we can stop the dark entities from destroying this reality. Find 50 of these books, and we will reward you with a virtuous prize.