Skill Tutor Statuette

Skill Tutor Statuette.png
Skill Tutor Statuette
Weight: 1 Stone
Turned Off

The Skill Tutor Statuette can be randomly awarded for defeating the Dark Knight. Only characters created using the Kingdom Reborn client can perform this battle, and an award can only be earned once. This is randomly chosen from a set of three and of these the Statuette seems the least likely to appear; it is therefore a very rare item.

When carried in your character's backpack it will report the difficulty rating of your actions as system messages (mirrored in your Journal). The closer the difficulty is to "Optimal" the more likely it is your character will gain in Skills.

For example, successfully hitting a monster with a sword gives these two messages:

Swordsmanship Difficulty: Challenging
Tactics Difficulty: Very Challenging

In this case the target is too powerful for the character, and a weaker monster should be found for a better gain rate. Oddly enough, Anatomy is not reported by the statue in combat (however, that skill is not difficulty based and so any target is suitable).

Likewise, attempting to pick a lock gives a Lockpicking message, crafting a Wooden Chest gives a Carpentry message, and so on and so forth.

Passively self-activated skills (such as Focus) do not trigger the statue, but externally activated skills (such as Parrying and Resisting Spells) do. It can be turned on or off by double clicking it.

Difficulty Ratings

The full set of difficulty ratings are:

Difficulty Success Chance
Too Challenging <1%
Very Challenging 1% - 20%
Challenging 20% - 40%
Optimal 40% - 60%
Easy 60% - 80%
Very Easy 80% - 100%
Too Easy >100%

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