Crafting Skills: Items and Categories

Previously, I've re-edited all Cooking pages using Bomb Bloke's Craftingbox Template, one of our best and most useful templates. Most of the cooking pages were already created and the information was already sufficient, thanks to Maeglid. However, most of other crafting item pages still lack this crafting box. Carpentry is probably the most neglected one, even quite old item pages like Wooden Chair, Small Crate and Wooden Box does not exist. Tailoring mostly lacks new SA Gargish items, same as Tinkering. Blacksmithy looks fine but just because the new items havent been added to its page yet. You can check the tables from the Craftables page.

I think the top editing priority should be to have the tables inside this Craftables page complete and updated. I dont mind converting all crafting sections to crafting boxes, but to see more than half of the item pages empty in Carpentry is quite discouraging. It is also quite surprising not have an item for creating pages that should have already been created on any of the priorities, even in no priority section of the UOGuide:Priorities. The crafting pages are all in top 100 most viewed pages and I think among the most important pages we have.

Let us not ignore or neglect these pages anymore. If we (we as in users who contribute, not only the main contributor Tancred RedStar) edit 2-3 pages a day for the Craftables, it should be fully updated in less than a month. Then, a major part of the uo game information will be completely documented in uoguide, as it should be. - Nimuaq 06:06, 2 January 2011 (PST)