• Important Note: As of August 2012 this page is not being updated anymore. If you wish to discuss what needs updating please post a message in the UOGuide Discussion Forum.

There are a lot of ways that people can contribute to UOGuide. While you are free to do any editing you wish, here are some areas the community recommend you focus on. If you have suggestions for priorities or future projects please post on the Discussion page or on the forums. They are also good places to make general site suggestions.

If you need help on editing UOGuide articles, see Help:Contents.

Current Events & Content


  • New Site Logo - The current logo is going to be replaced with something nicer, seeking graphic designers and artists.
  • UOGuide Newsletter - The first newsletter should go out near the end of June 2010, seeking creators and contributors.
  • Main Page Changes - Potential changes to the Main Page
  • UOGuide 6th Anniversary - It is July
  • MediaWiki Update - The next major version of MediaWiki with a new skin (which can be seen on Wikipedia) should be coming soon. Discussion about style changes can be done here
  • Navigation Bar Changes - The links in the navigation bar are going to be changed a little
  • Updating the Main Page - Constant updating will keep users coming back to the website
  • Website Preservation - UO websites disappear all the time, lets try and prevent that from happening

No Priority

These are projects that will be handled in the future or dreams of one day getting to.

  • Raiding the UO Knowledgebase - There is a lot of stuff hidden away in there that could be added to UOGuide
  • Category Cleanup - Every page should be checked and properly categorized
  • This Day in UO History - A feature for the main page, automated using wiki tricks
  • Establishing Standards - Some day standards will need to be established and explained. For example, images are supposed to be entirely in lower case (except for first letter) with no special characters but this doesn't appear to be explained anywhere.