Thanksgiving 2009 Quest

The Thanksgiving 2009 quest was a limited time event quest released with Publish 62.3 in November 2009. It concluded at the shard maintenance period on November 30, 2009.

A number of Turkeys mutated into giant turkeys, perhaps from eating Moon Grass, and were wreaking havoc across the realm. Al Wilson the Ornithologist at the Moonglow Royal Zoo desperately needed your help in stopping them.

Al Wilson the Ornithologist

Speak with Al Wilson the Ornithologist at the Moonglow Royal Zoo.

  • Al - I am an ornithologist. My specialty is exotic birds. Right now though my focus is Preserving the balance of the ecosystem.
    • Preserving - A number of Mutant giant Turkeys have begun appearing throughout Britannia. They are a serious Threat!
      • Mutant - We're not sure what caused them to grow this big and powerful. Maybe the moongrass! But they are a major Threat.
      • Turkeys - Taller than a man, they are and reproduce faster than rabbits! They must be Eradicated before the damage is irreversible.
        • Eradicated - You must help us Hunt them down and kill them. Then find their Nests and rid us of any further mutant eggs.
      • Threat - They are ruining the ecosystem. Since their appearance, it's like a swarm of Locusts has invaded the land.
        • Locusts - The turkeys eat everything from berries, trees, seeds, insects, snakes and even humans! All in mass Quantities!
          • Quantities - The land cannot support the volume they eat. Their numbers must be Culled.
            • Culled - You must help us Hunt them down and kill them. Then find their Nests and rid us of any further mutant eggs.
          • Hunt - They are roaming throughout the land, from forest to plains to jungles. They can be anywhere overland!
          • Nests - Those are tricky to find! We sent some Scouts to find out their locations, but they haven't returned!
            • Scouts - We found the half-digested remains of one of them on those beasts' corpses. He was still clutching the Map he drew.
              • Map - It pointed the location of one of their Hidden nests. This allowed us to Destroy all but the Normal eggs.
                • Hidden - Their nests blend with their surroundings. You need a special Brush to reveal them.
                  • Brush - An brush will be placed in your backpack Ornithologist's brush.png - Use this when you are near the hidden nest's location. It should reveal it. Then destroy all but the Normal eggs!
                    • Normal - Do not uselessly harm regular turkeys. Destroy only the giant turkeys and the giant turkey eggs.
                    • Destroy - Do not uselessly harm regular turkeys. Destroy only the giant turkeys and the giant turkey eggs.

You must say Brush and receive the Ornithologist's Brush to proceed.

Giant Turkey Culling

Harmless til attacked

Search across the land for Giant Turkeys. The lands east and west of Britain are popular. The giant turkeys will be found roaming around harmlessly. However, once attacked, they are very difficult to kill and can pack a punch themselves. They may use a Bleed Attack, Mind Blast, teleport unreachable characters next to them and have a giant turkey gobble which will slow even mounted characters to walking speed making escape difficult. They can rip through pets and dispel summons as well. Defeating one will yield an Ornithologist's Map or a fragment of it in the top 20 attacking characters' backpacks, leading to a turkey nest. Ornithologist's map.png

Please note: The Giant Turkey's teleport specifically targets players with followers. This means that they will consistently and constantly teleport you to them if you are a) a tamer, or )b a mage with summoned creatures. If you use any other means of killing (including archery) they do not seem to teleport you at all.

Double-click the map to read it and head to the location depicted on the map, similar to how Treasure Hunters seek treasure chests from treasure maps. If a fragment is received, three must be pieced together to form one complete map.

Defeating a giant turkey also yields a small chance for a Cornucopia to be placed in a character's backpack. There is also a small chance of finding a giant turkey feather, nest, harrow, plucked turkey, or stuffing on the body of a slain turkey.

Turkey Nests

Turkey Nest revealed

Once in the general vicinity of the nest location depicted on the map, double-click the Ornithologist's Brush, target the Ornithologist's Map and then target the ground. Repeat as necessary on different spots in the area until the correct location of the Mutant Turkey Nest is revealed.

Quickly remove the contents of the bag, then go about double-clicking any eggs that are Giant Turkey Eggs to destroy them, which has a chance to yield a reward itself. Regular turkey eggs cannot be harmed. If all three eggs are Giant Turkey Eggs and are destroyed, the nest will collpase(emptied the bag first?). Regardless, the turkey nest will disappear on it's own within a few minutes even if the eggs are left untouched. While destroying a Giant Turkey Egg, there is a very low chance it may hatch into a Giant Turkey.

Reward Items

The bag in the giant turkey nest will always contain:

The bag also may randomly contain an additional reward as follows:


  • Cornucopia - Cornucopia left.png Using a charge yields a random food item, some new and rare.


  • Stuffing Stuffing.png - Warning: edible