Thanksgiving 2010 Quest


The Thanksgiving 2010 quest was essentially a repeat of the Thanksgiving 2009 Quest released for the holiday the previous year. It was made available following daily shard maintenance on November 24, 2010 and turned off on December 16, 2010.

A number of Turkeys mutated into giant turkeys, perhaps from eating Moon Grass, and were wreaking havoc across the realm. Al Wilson the Ornithologist at the Moonglow Royal Zoo desperately needed help in stopping them.

Announcement Message

Mutant, feathered beasts of the Abyss have been sighted throughout the realm! The valleys stir, rabble rousing from their freakish gobblers pierce the night air, emitted from the most foul and alien beaks your eyes have ever seen. A fire, the thirst, it burns in their eyes from the blackest pits of their souls.
So board up your houses, hide your children or grab your swords - Turkey day cometh and we hope you brought your appetite!
From all of us here at BioWare Mythic - Have a safe and happy holiday,
- The Ultima Online Team

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