The Brainy Alchemist

This quest is a Tier 1 quest given by Zosilem the Alchemist who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.

Quest Description

Who dares disturb me? Ah, yes, I know who you are. Thepem has told me that you do a great deal of business with us, and are to be trusted with some of our more, shall we say... exotic... mixtures. So, let's get down to business, shall we?

Are you perhaps interested in bettering your knowledge of the fine art of alchemy? If so, I have discovered a method in which to impart a small bit of alchemy knowledge into an arcane gem. You will need to bring me an arcane gem, and ten undead gargoyle horns for the mixture, as well as two kegs of potions for my time and knowledge. How about a keg of total refreshment potions and a keg of greater poison potions? I'll need to inspect them first, of course, so just hand them to me before we complete the transaction. Shall we make a deal?

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Arcane Gems can be obtained from the creatures of the Cavern of the Discarded. You need to give Zosilem the Alchemist a full Keg of Total Refreshment Potions and a full Keg of Greater Poison Potions to obtain an Inspected Keg of Total Refreshment Potions and an Inspected Keg of Greater Poison Potions. Undamaged Undead Gargoyle Horns can be obtained from the Undead Gargoyles released by Medusa inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon.

You have returned, and from the bulge in your pack, I see that you have something for me. Hand it over, and I will give you an infused alchemist's gem. I will need to extract more essence from my... well, you do not need to worry about that. Return in a bit if you wish to obtain another one.


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