The Human Blight

The Human Blight is the fifth quest in a Quest Chain, or a series of smaller quests, each of which must be completed in order to successfully complete the chain. This particular quest chain, when completed, allows a character to cast Spellweaving spells and rewards an Arcane Circle scroll, a Gift of Renewal scroll, and a Spellweaving Spellbook.

This quest is given by the following NPC in Sanctuary.


"You have proven your desire to contribute to the community and serve the people. Now you must demonstrate your willingness to defend Sosaria from the greatest blight that plagues her. The human vermin that have spread as a disease, despoiling the land are the greatest blight we face. Kill humans and return to me the proof of your actions. Bring me 30 human ears."


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Obtain 30 Severed Human Ears Brigand


1 Arcane Circle scroll, 1 Gift of Renewal scroll, 1 Spellweaving Spellbook, and the ability to cast Spellweaving spells for the character that completed the Discipline Quest Chain.

Quest Chain

Quest Title Details Reward
Discipline (Part I) Slay 50 rat in Sanctuary Access to 2nd quest in chain
Needs of the Many - Sanctuary (Part II) Obtain 10 Bale of Cotton Access to 3rd quest in chain
Making a Contribution - Sanctuary (Part III) Obtain 250 boards Access to 4th quest in chain
Supplies for Sanctuary Obtain 1 sack of flour, 10 Jar of Honey, and 20 cooked Fish Steak Access to 5th quest in chain
The Human Blight Obtain 30 Severed Human Ears 1 Arcane Circle scroll, 1 Gift of Renewal scroll, and 1 Spellweaving Spellbook.

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