Wall Banner Deed

Wall banner.jpg

A 9th year Veteran Reward, the Wall Banner allows you to decorate your home with a variety of wall banners. Your account must be 108 months or older to place one. To place, double-click the wall banner deed and select the type you wish to use. You must target a tile next to a wall or placement will be aborted. You can dye the banner different colors with a Dying Tub, Black Dye Tub, or Special Dye Tub. Some of the larger wall banners have two panels that may be dyed seperately.

KNOWN ISSUE: In the KR client ONLY, the gump to redeem the banners will show no-draw tiles instead of the wall banners. For the moment, please use the 2D client to place your banners!

There are different 15 styles to choose from, each with an East- or South-facing version:

Veteran reward wall banner menu 1.jpg

Veteran reward wall banner menu 2.jpg

Veteran reward wall banner menu 3.jpg

Veteran reward wall banner menu 4.jpg

Veteran reward wall banner menu 5.jpg


  • Decorative banners that come in the form of a deed.
  • When used, the deed offers a choice between the banners
  • They are dyable with a regular dye tub
  • The banner can be redeeded by chopping with an axe
  • The deed is only usable by 9-yo vets in a house they own or are co-owned to.

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