Book of Bard Masteries

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Book of Bard Masteries.png Book of Bard Masteries is a spellbook that contains Bard Masteries. It is blessed and need not be insured. It can be obtained by completing The Beacon of Harmony for using Peacemaking abilities, Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser for using Provocation abilities or Wielding the Sonic Blade for using Discordance abilities. The abilities cannot be used unless the specific quest is completed.

  • The tooltip (mouse over) indicates the selected Bard Mastery (and in case of Discord Mastery the selected damage type).
  • Bard Masteries can be switch through context menue of the book (cool down of 10 minutes).
  • Once Discord Mastery is selected, damage type selection for Despair is shown too (no cool down on switching between those).
  • Song Icons can be drag out of the book to the UI, like spell icons out of other Spellbooks.

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