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Crafting is a term that refers to a character creating items that are related to the skills possessed, the level of those skills, the ingredients employed, and the tools used to create them. Some of the items created by crafting are your run of the mill items, such as: tools, furniture, clothing, etc. However, there is a chance that some of the items that are crafted by the most skilled tradesmen and women will be unrivaled.

Through some of the Peerless Reagents, and rare recipes gained from the crafting quests, players are able to make "Crafted Artifacts," such as:

The addition of several Wood types has enabled Carpenters create magical wooden armor, weapons, and shields. Some especially powerful crafted bokutos have sold for multi-millions of gold.

Lumberjacks, anglers, and miners should keep an eye peeled for new, rare gems. These gems allow for the creation of new magical items that have a guaranteed low percentage in a certain item property, such as Swing Speed Increase, Damage Increase, Hit Chance Increase, etc.

In addition to the resources needed to create magic items, be they special wood or rare gems, a Runic Kit of your profession must be used to create such items.

Publish 106 Changes

Starting with Publish 106, new recipies call for rare artifacts as ingredients to create new items. There is an argument that without adding additional properties to the newly created items, this should just be a "new skin" for the old artifact (commonly called a "transmog"). With this publish, the Crimson Cincture and Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune, are ingredients for the Crimson Belts (Crimson Mace Belt, Crimson Sword Belt, and Crimson Dagger Belt) and the Elegant Collar of Fortune, respectfully.

Furthermore, items previously used only in Imbuing (such as the Fey Wings) are called upon as ingredients. Items with no discernable use, like the Lodestone are also being added to the ingredients list.

Crafting Skills

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