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| [[Dragon Turtle]]
| [[Dragon Turtle]]
* '''Recommended Slayer:'''  
* '''Recommended Slayer: [[Eodon Slayer]]'''  
* '''Permanent Altar:''' [[Valley of Eodon]]
* '''Permanent Altar:''' [[Valley of Eodon]]
* '''Title Rewards'''
* '''Title Rewards'''

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Level 1 Myrmidex Drones and Myrmidex Larvae
Level 2 Silverback Gorillas and Wild Tigers
Level 3 Greater Phoenix and Inferni
Level 4 Dimetrosaurs and Allosaurus
Champion Dragon Turtle
  • Recommended Slayer: Eodon Slayer
  • Permanent Altar: Valley of Eodon
  • Title Rewards
    • First Tier: Huntsman of the Valley
    • Second Tier: Msafiri of the Valley
    • Third Tier: