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I have played Ultima Online since October 1998.

I played Baja till Australia got its server, I have played Oceania ever since.

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.


Naquada - Crafter of All Things

Skills on Soul Stones that are swapped with Arms Lore when needed.

Death Stalker - Poison Stealth Thief and PK Wannabe :P

Murmandamus - Mace fighting Sampire

Broomy Broom - Bard / Tamer

Skills on Soul Stone Swaped with Peacemaking When Needed

Nimbus -(Elf) - Pure Spell Weaving / Mage

Atmosphere - ABC Warrior Archer

Felificent - (gargoyle) - Treasure Hunter, Fisher, Imbueing

Skill on Soul Stone and swapped with Cartography when needed.

Major Pages That I Helped Create

Pages and Templates that I had a Hand in creating and that I keep updated.

Table of Craftables Templates

Detailed and Sortable Tables of every craftable item with pictures. all Tables have been Completely Updated with information to current Publish 94

Craftables Navagation Template

Navigation Templates Needed to be added to the bottom of Every craftable item to facilitate quicker Navigation between craftables. also need to check each Craftable item is using Template:Infobox item and Template:Crafting Box at the same time.


a Detailed Sortable List of Artifacts with pictures and Sources information liked to the individual artifact group pages.

Missing Artifacts still to be added to list


All Missing Quest Updated

Publish Infomation

Quick links for Publish info I update.

Other Templates

Other handy templates that I use.