Forest Lord Champion Spawn

The spawn of Lord Oaks, the "Forest Lord," is one of the several Champion Spawns found throughout UO.

Like other Champion Spawns, this spawn is found in both Felucca and Ilshenar. Unlike the other spawns found in those Facets, Lord Oaks spawns in only 1 location each. In Ilshenar at the Spirituality Champion Spawn, and in Felucca, near the Lost Lands entrance to the graveyard near Vesper.

This is the only Champion Spawn, aside from the Twisted Glade Champion Spawn that causes characters to lose Karma.

In Felucca, the Skull of Lord Oaks is considered extremely valuable. It is considered the key to the Harrower. Lord Oaks spawns can be major PvP events, like Harrower spawns, and sometimes even more hotly contested.

Level 1 Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 Ki-Rins and Wisps
Level 3 Centaurs and Unicorns
Level 4 Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons
Champion Lord Oaks and Silvani