Neck Slot

Not a tie in the land!

The Neck Slot refers to one of the 19 Equipment Slots on the Paperdoll. Items that occupy the Neck Slot can either be armament or decorative.

Crafted Neckware

Tinkers can craft 27 different necklaces and the ever popular, Pendant of the Magi. Blacksmiths can make plate gorgets or mempos, but there is no ringmail, chainmail, or dragon scale neckwear. Carpenters can craft woodland and darkwood gorgets. Tailors can create leather, studded, leaf, and hide gorgets, but there is no female armor or bone neckware.

Quest Reward Neckware

The following quest rewards fill the neck slot:

Set Item Neckwear

Few of the Item Sets have neckware. In fact, only the following feature a gorget as part of a set:

Artifact Neckwear

Most artifact collections do not contain any items that occupy the Neck Slot. There are no artifact neckware for the following artifact collections: Leviathan, Mondain's, Paragon, Peerless, Treasure Map, and Treasures of Tokuno.


  • Some "charge-based" neckware from before the Age of Shadows can still be found with mods.
  • The Amulet of Righteousness comes with 100 Lightning charges that do no damage.

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