Savages are a race of humans that have been cut off from the civilized world for centuries, resulting in their simplistic lifestyle. The markings of Savages are made with a kin paint females make from a wild berry. Although little is known of the savage’s culture, both males and females are raised as hunter warriors to defend their homes from the huge dragons and other deadly monsters that live nearby. This long history of defending against deadly monsters gives Savages a substantial damage bonus against large tamed animals.

Savages come from the Central Ilshenar region. Their original settlement can be found just East of Castle Blackthorn. Savages appear as:

First seen in the Savage Empire scenario, they effectively "won" that scenario against their hated enemies, the Orcs. They now control some of the Orcs strongholds. One of these can be found at the Delucia Orc Fort.

The Tribal Berry is found on Savages. This berry can be made into Savage Kin Paint, and applied to ones self. Wearing this paint, (at the expense of karma), enables a character to walk amidst savages un-attacked. The paint also allows one to fight Baracoon, a Champion Spawn monster, without being subject to his "special move" of turning attackers into ratmen. The examples below are all in reference to the Mask Of Orcish Kin and orcs, but they all hold true for tribal paint and savages as well.

  • If your pet, hireling, or summoned creature attacks or is attacked by an orc while you are wearing a mask of orcish kin, the orc mask will explode. Note this is the case even if your pet auto-defends.
  • If you provoke two creatures onto each other and an orc attacks one of those creatures while you are wearing a mask of orcish kin, the mask will explode. The system sees you as the controller of the creature you provoked and hence, the mask will explode if an orc attacks or is attacked by it, even if you are no longer in the area.
  • If you attack an orc and kill it and then put on the mask of orcish kin the mask will explode because you still have that orc in your aggressor list. After attacking an orc (even if you never hit it and it never hits you) wait a while before putting on an orc mask.
  • You cannot wear a mask of orcish kin and savage paint at the same time.

The orc masks and the savage paint are powerful items, but with that power comes danger. It is wise to use caution when donning either of these items. (Which translates to being hit with around the loss of 50 points when the mask goes boom.)

Savages are vulnerable to the Repond slayer type.