Central Ilshenar

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Central Ilshenar is part of the Ilshenar landmass that was introduced with the Third Dawn expansion. Located in the dead center of the Ilshenar map, it is accessed through cave entrances located near both the Compassion and Honor moongates. You cannot use the spells Gate Travel, Recall, or Sacred Journey to enter Central Ilshenar and Gate Travel cannot be used to leave.


The area is host to many interesting locations.

1 Gargoyle Shrine of Virtues

Remote and idyllic, the Gargoyle Shrine of Virtues is a white marble edifice surrounded by water. In addition to aesthetic appreciation and contemplative meditation, the location can be used like an ankh shrine for the resurrection of the dead.

2 Gargoyle Mining Camp

See main article: Gargoyle Mining Camp.

3 Lava Ruined Villa

As with the City of Montor, volcanic activity destroyed this villa and now only the Living Dead reside there.

4 Volcanic Lair

See main article: Volcanic Lair.

5 Savage Camp

Just north of the Meer Catacombs is a loose grouping of savages, both mounted and on foot.

6 Meer Catacombs

See main article: Meer Catacombs.

7 Ver Lor Reg

See main article: Ver Lor Reg.

8 Central Ilshenar Desert

At the foot of the Gargoyle city is a small desert.

9 Blackthorn's Castle

See main article: Castle Blackthorn.

10 Exodus Castle/Dungeon

See main article: Exodus Dungeon.

11 Elemental Valley

A quiet place to farm for gold, paragon treasure chests, and Chocolatiering ingredients.

12 Central Ilshenar Swamp

In UO, no place is complete without a swamp.

13 Savage Settlement

Manipulated into spreading by Exodus and Blackthorn the Deceiver, this is the original location of the Savages. It is from this location that the savages spread to harass the orcs of Britannia.

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