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Five tokens and a medallion
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A Token is an in-game consumable item that when double clicked allows a character to claim certain items or effect specific character-based alterations. The graphics used for tokens has varied, and in one instance the original token art is used for a non-consumable, decorative item, Thorvald's Medallion.


Tokens were introduced in [Insert Publish Here], so that players could trade and/or transfer certain soulbound items or services.

Tokens To Date

Currently, the UO Game Code Store only offers certain tokens for purchase. However, the following is a list of such tokens and token that are now only found on player vendors, in collections, or in-game museums.




  • From time to time, UO reintroduces the items that can only be had by using a previously released token. For example, the Spring Décor Collection has been released twice.