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Thanks for subscribing to the UOGuide newsletter. This is the 1st of what we hope will be many monthly editions! Our first issue is jam packed with lots of stuff. After you are finished reading, we would love to receive feedback on how to improve this newsletter.

UOGuide 4th Anniversary

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Ale three connected bottles.gif Who would have thought this website would be as large and as popular as it is today? I simply set out to make a site which was constantly being updated and had the vital information players need. A lot has happened over the past 4 years. But that is nothing compared to the additions and new features I have in the pipeline. This newsletter is one of many examples of new content you can expect from UOGuide in the future. Another addition starting now is a monthly contest with real prizes! You can read more about it at the end of this letter.

It has been a enjoyable 4 years and I look forward to next year's 5th anniversary!

- JC the Builder

In the Shadow of Virtue

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Crossed swords icon.gif Do the Ophidians ever rest? From the very beginning they have been at war with the Terathans. Now they are picking a fight with a new force calling themselves the Bane Chosen. Next week they may be fighting Lizardmen or who knows what else. Here is the chance to put them down once and for all, pick up your sword and choose who you will fight. Or chop them all down for good measure.

More Info: In the Shadow of Virtue - Rise of the Bane Chosen

Featured Updates

  • Comics - Links to all your favorite UO comics: ImaNewbie, Bones, BON3DOOD and pLaTeDeWd, etc
  • Movies - Do you ever find yourself looking for an old UO movie? Look no further, now there is a list of all your favorites. If you know of one not yet linked, take a moment to add it!
  • UOGuide Poll - The Main Page poll is now being updated about every 2 weeks. Be sure to have your vote counted. Also check out the archive of past polls.

UOGuide Contest

Metal chest icon.gif Details go here.

  • Note: contest details not being released until newsletter is sent out

Seeking Scribes

Mini cursor.gif We are always looking for people to help contribute to the site. In literally a minute you can begin adding/editing pages on UOGuide. It is as easy as posting on any internet forum. How about you give it a try? Even one small addition goes a long way.

Do you need a website for your guild? A place to show off your vendor shop? Or maybe you need a page detailing the rare item you have for sale. UOGuide has you covered. Check out our community features to learn more about how UOGuide can solve these problems and more.