Fire Ruby

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Fire Ruby

The Fire Ruby is a resource that spawns in the backpack of Grandmaster miners or can be recieved as a quest reward for certain quests in Ter Mur. There is no special place to mine for this, any location that yeilds ore can spawn a resource gem. Fire Rubies, among others, is an Imbuing ingredient and is required to craft the following items:

Arcane Circle (Item) Arcane Circle
Essence of Battle Essence of Battle
Thorned Wild Staff Thorned Wild Staff
Barbed Longbow Barbed Longbow
Fiery Spellblade Fiery Spellblade
Magekiller Leafblade Magekiller Leafblade
Ruby Mace Ruby Mace
Fire Ruby Bracelet Fire Ruby Bracelet


Fire Rubies are also an Imbuing ingredient needed to imbue the Hit Fireball and Strength Bonus property onto item.

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