A Compassionate Task

This was 1 of 3 quests associated with the attacks on the Shrines of Love (see Principles and Virtues) by the minions of Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hate. By completing all 3 quests, players could help to fuel the Candle of Love and beat back the attacks.

None of the 3 quests are active anymore, though vestiges of all 3 remain in the game.

You must visit the Shrine of Compassion on either Trammel or Felucca facets. Speak the mantra "mu" to be presented with the quest. This quest can only be completed one time per character. You can only take on this quest when the shrine is no corrupted (which is indicated by a black sparkle). Kill all red monsters in the area to cleanse the shrine.


The heart can be found on Large Ogre Lords

You must venture to Despise dungeon and kill a Large Ogre Lord. To force the large ogre to appear, kill normal Ogres and Ogre Lords. Eventually a message will appear over your head about hearing a large roar. This indicates the Large Ogre Lord has appeared in a random part of the dungeon. Only one heart spawns on each corpse, so you must get looting rights and be lucky if you are not alone. Once you have obtained a heart return to the Compassion shrine, toggle the heart as quest item, and speak the word "mu".


Heart of compassion.png

This item is needed to complete the A Purifying Light quest.



As you meditate on the virtue of Compassion, you start to feel utter despise towards the human race. The feeling burns intensely in your heart, filling you with blind rage and a compulsion to maim and torture any human that dare enter your home.

As the feeling begins to fade, you see a vision of a crystal ball resting upon a pedestal, and you somehow know that your path lies in that direction.


You place the blackened heart on the Shrine of Compassion and begin to meditate. Sadness overcomes you as you think about the fate of the ogre. Astaroth's influence in the ogre's life corrupted his heart to the extent that he was consumed by despise of the human race that his capability to feel content with his life, much less to find true happiness, was completely taken away from him.

When you open your eyes, you notice that the ogre's corrupted heart has been purified by Compassion. You pick up the Heart of Compassion, as you have a feeling that you'll need it later if you hope to do your part in battling Astaroth's plan.

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