Artifacts (Shadowguard)

Shadowguard Artifacts are artifacts that are obtained from the roof encounter of the Shadowguard tower. An artifact has a chance of randomly being placed into the backpacks of players upon the death of the final legend of the roof encounter. The legends are Anon, Juo'nar, Ozymandias and Virtuebane. The order in which the legends occur is random.

If the player's pack is full, the artifact will be placed into their bank box instead.

According to the developer Kyronix, each player that appears on the legend's top attacker list has an independent chance of receiving an artifact. A player may appear on this list by doing damage, taking damage, or healing damage caused by the legend. Having higher luck increases your chances of receiving an artifact.


Anonsboots.png Anon's Boots Anon’s Spellbook Anon's Spellbook Balakaisshamanstaff.png Balakai’s Shaman Staff Enchantresscameo.gif Enchantress’ Cameo
Wooden shield.png Grugor’s Shield Yumi.png Halawa’s Hunting Bow Hawkwindsrobe.gif Hawkwind’s Robe Jumussacredhide.png Jumu’s Sacred Hide
Necromancer Spellbook.png Juo’nar’s Grimoire Spear.png Lerei’s Hunting Spear Sandals.png Minax's Sandals Mocapotlsobsidiansword.gif Mocapotl’s Obsidian Sword
Obi.png Ozymandias’ Obi Thigh Boots.png Shanty’s Waders Totemofthetribe.gif Totem of the Tribe Nocturne earrings.png Wamap’s Bone Earrings
Rift1.png Unstable Time Rift