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Anon was originally an NPC, mage in charge of the Mages' Council in Moonglow. The Council ended up evolving into the Council of Mages Faction. Anon objected to Nystul's casting of the spell that split the Trammel Facet off from Felucca. He blamed the spell, rather than Minax, for the devastation in Felucca. He also appears to have had a personal dispute of some kind with Nystul, neither approving of Nystul personally nor the latter's use of magic apart from the Council. From BNN audio stories, he appears to have had an odd Mongbat fetish, once commenting that he'd been caught in a closet "with twenty of them and a terrified llama."

Anon in human and elemental form

Time of Legends

Anon the mage is currently one of the four Legends encountered on the rooftop of the Shadowguard. He is a skilled magic user that moves at moderate speeds, and periodically polymorphs into an elemental that converts damage into healing. He will often summon the aid of monsters such as Wisps, Gazers and Evil Mages.


Anon Statistics
Spawn Locations Shadowguard Rooftop
Fame Slayer Vulnerability
Karma Alignment
First Seen Publish 90 Pack Instinct
Gold 3000 - 13000 Magic Items
Special Artifacts (Shadowguard) Cut Up N/A
Strength 150-200 Hit Points 9500-9999
Dexterity 100-200 Stamina 100-125
Intelligence 175-200 Mana 800-900
Barding Difficulty 160 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 14-17 Preferred Foods
Wrestling 220-240 Poisoning 0
Tactics 110-125 Magery 110-120
Resisting Spells 120-140 Evaluating Intelligence 120-130
Anatomy 0 Meditation 100-110
Detecting Hidden 60-70 Hiding -
Parrying 120 Healing -
Necromancy - Spirit Speak -
Mysticism - Focus -
Spellweaving - Discordance -
Bushido - Ninjitsu -
Chivalry - Special Abilities Polymorphs to heal damage, summons helpers
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 65-70 65-75 65-70 65-70 65-70
Damage 100


When Anon changes form, attack with any element aside from the element he changed to. While in elemental form Anon is susceptible to Elemental slayer damage bonuses & heals based on the element he chose. Earth heals from Phys, Energy heals from Energy, etc.

For warriors, it is ideal to use 2 elements of weapon with elemental slayer & switch between them as Anon changes form to insure no healing from damage taken. For tamers, stop pets when Anon switches to the form that they deal the most damage in. For instance, stop Rune Beetles on energy llama, Dragons on Earth ele, and so on, proceeding to attack again once Anon changes back to human form.

As with all bosses in Shadowguard, additional creatures are only spawned if the player has hit Anon a set amount of times. If killed with nothing but pet damage(only tested on tamers), while slow, there will be no additional creatures & one can Word of Death from 25% to death. Starting Word of Death at 30% typically spawns a set of creatures on death.

2 tamers with a Greater Dragon, Rune Beetle, & Tiger/Nightmare/Bake can do all of Shadowguard in ~60 minutes.

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