Atlantic:Event History

This article lists in chronological order events that have taken place on the Atlantic shard. For more recent events see the Atlantic:Events article.



November 12, 2006 - Commander Vincent has called the Royal Guard forth on a mission to gather special weapons in which to battle back the invading arachnids. Scouts have reported the location of the treasure to be in Ilshenar. A gate to the location was opened near Compassion Moongate. The guard set forth to the location.

On arrival, Vincent tested out his treasure hunting skills to dig up the chest. After some trial and error, he stumbles on the spot. Unfortunately guardians begin appearing out of no where and attack the guard in order to protect their treasure. At first there are Dread and Frost Spiders. Then Poison and Blood Elementals appear. Finally the guard is assaulted with Ancient Wyrms, Balrons, and Ancient Liches. However the guard fights well and comes out victorious. On the corpses of the slain can be found the Carapace Crusher, a special Arachnid Slayer weapon with great power. Vincent takes the guard bar hopping to celebrate.

September 18, 2006 - Lord Vincent has summoned the Royal Guard with haste. There are reports Trinsic is being invaded by Arachnids. Upon arrival the reports are confirmed. Frost Spiders, Giant Black Widows, and other insects such as Ant Lions and Fire Beetles have overwhelmed the defenses of Southeast Trinsic. The Royal Guard sets to dispatching the menace and makes great headway into the horde. Along the way several Spider Brood Queens appear which are very large and dangerous. But they too eventually fell to the Royal Guard.

After Returning to the castle Lord Vincent declares victory and takes the guard to a local pub. On the way reports come back that the spiders have begun their attack once again. The guard cuts their excursion short and returns to Trinsic for battle. Upon dispatching the last Brood Queen, Vincent decides to send out regular patrols to keep the city under control. The guard ends the night visiting pubs and with some knightings (sashes given out).

???, 2006 - The Royal Guard follows Vincent to investigate a black moongate found in the Lost Lands. Once at the moongate Vincent declares the secret word so that the guard may enter. Inside they discover a swarm of magpies and black dragons. The royal guard sets to the slaughter of the beasts and ignores the tiny birds. That turns out to be a big mistake as one magpie was stronger then any of the black beasts. On their fallen corpses, acid sacs are found. Any guardsmen that turned one in to Vincent received an Acid Proof Robe.

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