Basket (tall square)

Tall basket.png
Weight: 10 Stones
Artifact Rarity 2
Contents: 0/125 Items, 0/400 Stones
This article is for the artifact version of the item. For the tinker crafted version, see Tall Basket.

Basket is an artifact decorative container. There are two versions, one facing east and another facing south.


Location where the east facing tall square basket can be found.
Location where the south facing tall square basket can be found.

Baskets can be acquired in the Yomotsu Mines in the Tokuno Islands. It has a rarity of 2 and therefore spawns approximately every 3 hours. A minimum of 100 (Grand Master) stealing skill is required.

(135° 43'N 90° 59'W) East facing basket. Located near the entrance, it spawns next to an ore cart.

(140° 12'N 92° 40'W) South facing basket. Located in northwestern section of the mine. It spawns right next to the scaffolding.

Clean Up Britannia points

Baskets give 15 Clean Up Britannia (2011) points.

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