Britannian Defender


Britannian defender.jpg

Britannian Defenders are troops loyal to Queen Dawn and fight to protect the kingdom of Britannia from the attack of Virtue Bane and his Bane Chosen forces. They first appeared during the Attack of the Bane Chosen chapter of the In the Shadow of Virtue live event arc in December 2010.

Along with their Meer and Ophidian allies, they are usually found around the edges of towns, supposedly holding the line while encouraging players to plunge ahead and defeat the Bane forces. When they catch sight of Bane Chosen forces, they will attack them, although with minimal effectiveness. While clothing may vary and armor is minimal, they always carry a viking sword and Order Shield.

For players siding with the Bane Chosen forces, killing Britannian Defenders yields a small amount of loyalty to the Bane Chosen cause as well as a chance of finding a Spell Focusing Sash as a loot item.


Even though Britannian Defenders always spawn as males, there was a minor bug prior to Publish 69.5 where they would sometimes sound like females when fighting or dying.