This article includes information about events on the Atlantic shard. It includes upcoming and recent event information.

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On almost a weekly basis, an Event Moderator runs an event on the Atlantic shard.

Current Arc Synopsis

The Knights of Crux Ansata are being directed by Charlottle Wellings to search for a magic book left behind by her father.

Mini crystal ball.gif Upcoming Events

  • The Hunt - February 11, 8pm EST - Official EM event
  • A Curious Remembrance - February 18, 8pm EST - Official EM event
  • The Seven Seas of Rhye - February 25, 8pm EST - Official EM event
  • Conseil du Roi - Feb 2016 - February 31, 8pm EST - Monthly meeting for city governors

If you know of an upcoming player event not listed here please add it.

Mini cursor.gif Recent Events

For more on past events see Atlantic:Event History.

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