Five on Friday - December 7, 2007

Today's FoF is a collection of issues that have been coming up in bug reports, and QA wanted to clarify them for everyone.

"Why do the Bags of Sending use so many charges?"
(Note: This is not the same as last week's question. This is about the actual charge-usage calculations)

The actual patch note for this is as follows:

  • Bags of sending now use 1 charge per 10 stones of weight, rounded up. (15 stones would use 2 charges, for example)

This means that if the item is between 1-10 stones, it uses 1 charge. 11-20 it uses 2, 21-30 it uses 3, etc. We haven't seen any inaccuracies with this formula so far, so we're reasonably confident that it actually works that way. If anyone sees anything *different* than the above calculation, let us know!


"Why am I getting weird, random system messages? Was I hacked?"
This was introduced quite a while ago, but it appears that people have forgotten about it, so here's a refresher. I'm not sure it's *all that* reassuring, but at least you haven't been hacked :)

For quite a while, intrepid explorers have been discovering a mysterious substance called "blackrock." There has been considerable interest in this substance, and it has been noted as having unusual, often disturbing effects.

One of the effects noted by folk working in close contact with the substance has been a propensity to hear voices, even receive instructions, from thin air. No one yet knows if this is a curable condition, or if it is merely an early symptom of a deeper affliction...


"Why can I not heal my large pet in KR?"
We've found an issue with healing range with certain pets in KR - right now, you have to stand on top of a dragon to heal it successfully. We will be expanding the range for large pets so tamers don't get stepped on quite as often :P


"Why can't I use all the items in UO when I'm playing KR?"
This seems to be a point of confusion on several levels - the client you use is not tied to your account at all, so you don't have any extra expansion packs in KR that you wouldn't have in 2D. If you don't have the Mondain's Legacy expansion pack, for example, you won't be able to use ML-only recipes or weapons, and you won't be able to make an elf - no matter which client you use.

The trial code on the KR page only offers AoS content, by the way - SE items and lands and ML items and lands won't be available.


"Are we getting snow this year?"
Not like last year - this year, we're doing things a little differently.

Very soon (tomorrow, probably) you will see Test Center 1 take on a new identity - Winterland. In Winterland, there are a number of entertainments for all to enjoy:

  • A fully decorated Britain with decked out halls
    • Snow has fallen, and the rivers are iced over
    • Warm fires to gather around
    • A giant holiday tree
  • Unlimited charges fireworks wands for all, for 2D and KR
  • A small fair in Magincia featuring a variety of games
    • A "hit the bell with the hammer" tower
    • Shoot the dartboard
    • Find the coin under the cup
  • Team-based snowball wars
    • Gate leads to waiting area from the West Britain Bank
    • A dynamic arena creates randomized battlegrounds
    • Up to 32 players per game
    • Games last 15 minutes
    • Points are awarded and scores are kept for top players


The invasion of Magincia is nearly over!
There is very little time left to save what can be saved... at 8pm PST, Magincia's fate will be sealed. Hurry, valiant defenders!


It's that time of year again where I gather blackmail info for my coworkers at the holiday party, so enjoy your weekend!

- Jeremy

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