Item Bless Deed

Bless Deed
Weight: 1 Stone

Bless Deeds were issued during the 2011 Clean Up Britannia program for 100,000 points. (The Luck Jewelry Set pieces being the only more expensive reward.) They function the same as the Item Bless Deeds from the first Clean Up Britannia in 1999, but had their named changed to "preserve the rare factor of the original one." [1]

Although blessed items are still primarily a status symbol, they now make more financial sense than ever before. With the raise in insurance cap to 800, the ever increasing array of powerful artifacts, and imbuing allowing player-crafted items to easily be 500 gold or more to insure, the cost of a death can easily be several thousand gold.

Some items (that are not brittle) to consider blessing (and their insurance costs):


The Item Bless Deed was a reward option from Clean Up Britannia program in 1999. It cost 500,000 tickets, the highest possible reward item. It was a single-use deed which allowed a player to permanently Bless an item, rendering it forever unstealable and unlootable. The only items which could not be blessed were keys(house, ship, container, etc.), containers and stackable items.

Part of what made the item bless deed so sought after was, at the time, Item insurance did not exist in the game (and would not for several more years). Players were routinely looted of any items of value by all too common murderers as the Trammel facet also did not yet exist. Additionally, owing to the extraordinary number of points required to attain the item bless deed, as well as the relatively short amount of time it was offered as a reward (a matter of weeks), it is now an extremely rare item.

Due to changes in game mechanics over the years, the item bless deed has lost much of it's functional value since most any item may now be blessed via item insurance for a small amount of gold. The players who did acquire the item bless deeds commonly used them to bless clothing, armor or weapons. Compared to weapons and armor of today, those from 1999 pale in comparison with regard to damage and other properties. Additionally, Clothing Bless Deeds now exist and serve the singular purpose of blessing clothing items and are not extraordinarily difficult to purchase or acquire.

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