New Player Starter Kit Token

New player starter kit token.png
New Player Starter Kit Token for JC the Builder.
Weight: 1 Stone

New Player Starter Kit Token is a token only available for new player accounts through the purchase of the Stygian Abyss expansion. It can only be used by accounts less than 1 month old. Currently, upgraded trial accounts can not receive the new player token. Use of this token creates the new player starter kit in your bank box and increases the rate of skill gain for you and your party members until your account is 1 month old or 1 week has passed. The new player A starter kit.png starter kit includes:

Furthermore, each time you double-click the ticket, new player skill gain aura will be activated (or disabled if it is already active) which grants +3 bonus to Hit Point Regeneration, Mana Regeneration and Stamina Regeneration as well as an accelerated skill gain bonus. Your party members will only receive half of these effects. The new player token's skill gain bonus is only applied outside of the New Haven.

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