Oracle of the Sea

Oracle of the sea.png
Oracle of the Sea
Weight: 3 Stones
Charges: 5/5
[Attuned To: Charybdis]

Oracle of the Sea is a blue spyglass that is a rare reward for completing the Professional Fisher Quests. It can be used to find Charybdis, a powerful sea monster; Double click the Oracle to locate the Charybdis in Trammel or Felucca:

"You peer into the spyglass, images swirl in your mind as the magic device searches."
"The location you seek is: 116° 27' S, 156° 18' E "

You can have multiple Charybdis active at the same time, if you have multiple Oracles; but each Oracle can only place once, and each spot is tied to the Oracle that places it. The Charybdis will be placed on the same Sub-Server upon which you first successfully use the Oracle, so you can to some extent manipulate roughly where he will appear. However, if you use it on any other facet, or on a Sub-Server where it cannot find enough legitimate deep sea water (around Cove for instance) it will fail:

"The spyglass goes dark, it has failed to find what you seek."

There is a 25% chance to spawn Charybdis if you are in the correct spot, and have Charybdis bait.png Charybdis Bait which is a quest reward obtained by completing the Professional Fisher Quests. You also need to have the placing Oracle in your backpack. Once you're at the exact location, or close enough allowing for the increased range dependant upon your fishing skill, use the bait on your fishing pole. Fishing without the bait on the correct spot will not generate the Charybdis. It is also highly recommended to wear a full Fisherman's Armor Set to increase the odds, as Charybdis is not certain to spawn even with the bonus from the Set. If you are in the correct spot, but the bait does fail, you will see the following message:

"You see a few bubbles, but no Charybdis."

And if it works, you'll instantly be surrounded by the tentacled friends of Charybdis!

The Charybdis location is good for 1 day and locating the monster initially consumes a charge on the Oracle which can be brought back by using Fish Oil. The Oracle will not consume further charges until Charybdis' current location expires, but will repeat the co-ordinates when used. There does not appear to be a limit for how many times you can feed it fish oil for recharging the Oracle back to 5/5 charges. Once the timer expires, if you try and fish the previous spot you will see this message instead of tentacle related fun;

"The Charybdis has moved on from this location, consult the Oracle Of The Seas again."

The Oracle can be Insured, as can the bait, which considering what can happen at sea, you should seriously consider doing.

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