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(1998-present) PaxLair is a vibrant player-community, or Statehood, on the Chesapeake Shard (or Server) of Ultima Online. The three tenets of PaxLair are Peace, Neutrality, and Roleplaying.

PaxLair is a Statehood of multiple cities. The Statehood is led by a governor and the cities are led by mayors.

Statehood, Cities, and Government Officials



Former Cities:


PaxLair started as a group of buildings on Felucca, Chesapeake on January 19, 1998. Buildings were placed by a guild known as The Band. Within several weeks, many guilds and people came through PaxLair; PaxLair soon became a cross-road for weary travelers, assassins, guards, pub patrons, craftsmen, Seers, Counselors, and Interest Game Masters.

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