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Governor of the PaxLair Community (1998-2001, 2005-present) on Chesapeake; Primary Caretaker of the PaxLair Community (1998-present); former Guildmaster of The Band guild (1998); 70+ years of age. He grew up in Yew, Felucca (1997). He is not married and has no children. He courted Elizabeth who died in the East Britain pond. Later he courted Lady Morgaine of Shadowcove. He is well known for his interest in fishing and dabbling with the arcane nature of the magical ether, spells, and rituals. He is a diplomat throughout the Chesapeake Shard meeting and greeting cities, towns, guilds, and people.


Winfield was born in Yew over 70 years ago. He is an old man now, but seasoned with much experience in Britannia. He is now a diplomat by profession and is the Governor of PaxLair.

His Childhood Family, Parents Separated in Mystery

Winfield only knew his mother, Seltaria. He never met his father. However, much later in life he found he had a twin brother: Teal. Teal knew his father, but not his mother. So, for some unexplained reason, both children were separated at birth. Neither parent would speak of the other which added to the still unexplained mystery. Both children grew up separately: Winfield in Yew and Teal in Skara Brae. They happened to meet one day at the Yew Crypts and noticed a striking resemblance, and even more noticeably, a brotherly pull towards one another.

Winfield learned of his father, Brodden, from his brother Teal. After much discussion, the two brothers could still not understand why they had been separated all this time, and their parents hidden from each other in a shroud of secrecy.

His Early Years, A Time to Love

As Winfield grew into his teens, he befriended a lovely girl his age. Her name was Elizabeth. They spent enormous amounts of time together. They swam in the East Britain pond and climbed the huge Yew trees.

On the day Winfield was going to propose to her, she slipped off the cliff at the East Britain pond and died. Winfield carried her body to the top of the cliff, but life had already left his love.

The young Winfield was distraught but determined to bring back Elizabeth. It was then that he turned his life to the Arcane Arts.

Adulthood, a Time of Magic

Shaken by Elizabeth's death at the cliff of East Britain pond, Winfield studied all he could about magic...light magic, dark magic, anything. He eventually became a powerful mage and instructed students on the magic of the times. One day, however, he wrestled with a new spell he created and inexplicably broke the Ether. At that moment, his lovely apprentice Lady Winmere disappeared from his sight! In fact, he could not see her but for a moment as he went to sleep and she awakened.

After this new calamity and his failures in finding a way to locate Elizabeth's spirit to bring her back to the living, Winfield retired from magic and became a recluse. He devoted his time to fishing and relaxing in the warm sunlight. Several years passed and the resilient Ether repaired itself. He could see Winmere once again. He found she had grown into a very powerful mage. She then became the tutor and Winfield was the student! Yet, Elizabeth, his true love was still lost to him.

Later Life, a Time to Lead

Something in the Ether then called Winfield to a new destiny--to humbly lead others toward new hope in Britannia. He became the Leader of The Band (February 23, 1998) just after The Band founded the town of PaxLair (January 19, 1998). He was later appointed Mayor of PaxLair by the town council in an emergency session (June 20, 1998). He stepped down as the Leader of The Band when his term of office was completed (August 23, 1998) and Thelorn was duly elected as the new Band Leader.

After a time of much prosperity for the people of PaxLair, Winfield started a renewed interest in magic. He thought more about Elizabeth of long ago.

The Present Day

Winfield serves today as the Governor of PaxLair working with many, many energetic and capable people who fulfill their goals, dreams, and ambitions in a fully functional statehood in Britannia.

His Quest, Return of Elizabeth

One day, a strange phenomenon happened. Some said they saw Elizabeth's ghost and heard her say a riddle, but Winfield could never see her. He could only see her in his mind. Mayor SortsAngel of Corwyn understood part of this riddle and was able to call upon some very old magic. She was able to resurrect Elizabeth for a very short time. Winfield and Elizabeth then touched hands for the first time in over 50 years. Winfield got down on one knee and proposed his undying love to Elizabeth. She accepted his love and he placed his engagement ring on her finger.

But Elizabeth could not remain long and the netherworld quickly called her back. Winfield sobbed as she faded into nothingness and he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, something amazing had happened. He could finally see Elizabeth's spirit. She could talk to him and he to her, through arcane powers. Winfield rejoiced and thanked Mayor SortsAngel for what she had done.

He continues to ponder ways of bringing Elizabeth back from the netherworld. Perhaps the Stream of Courage... yes, the Stream of Courage!

Current Interests

Winfield continues to be the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood with an expanding focus on working with major alliances and cities. He also has high interest in working with communities on other shards.

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