Skull Totem

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One day out of the blue, some of the graveyards of Britannia began bringing forth unholy creatures, the likes of which never seen before; Spectral Armors, Shadow Fiends, Cursed Brigands and even the fabled Skeletal Lich. Centered in each of these graveyards ias a curious white skull totem standing tall. Jasper the Inspector was at the center of investigating this Halloween 2008 Quest event and could be found at the Court of Justice in Yew.

Dark Guardian the Keeper of Knowledge had revealed that they can be destroyed by use of a "powerful substance". This had been discovered to be a Venom Sac, which can only be obtained by defeating Sicarii, a giant spider boss. It is unknown precisely how many sacs of venom were needed to destroy a totem, but when destroyed the unholy creatures would cease spawning in that graveyard.


These were the six graveyards and the coordinates of the totems in each. They appeared in both Trammel and Felucca facets.

  • Britain - 13o 26'N 2o 52'E (1472.1364)
  • Cove - 45o 36'N 78o 28'E (1105.2439)
  • Jhelom - 174o 7'N 2o 40'W (3739.1285)
  • Moonglow - 26o 32'N 133o 40'W (1322.4542)
  • Vesper - 66o 26'N 100o 53'E (868.2758)
  • Yew - 44o 17'N 41o 37'W (1120.731)

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