Solen Ambush Sites

Solen are typically found underground, but at certain points near Sosaria's surface they lay in wait for unwary adventurers. Venturing near these hidey-holes will cause a random collection of Solen Workers, Solen Warriors and Giant Beetles to spring up and attack.

Unlike the entrances to the Solen Hives, these points cannot be used to go underground yourself. They are visible via four dirt patches layed out close to each other (which can be highlighted by holding Ctrl + Shift - though not all such patches point to an active spawn point). Their locations differ between shards, but if found they can be useful for tamers wishing to quickly procure Giant Beetles (which would otherwise require a trip into the Hives).

The below list is far from complete; feel free to add others.

Location Nearest Landmark
45-43N 86-29E Cove
134-44S 139-9W Isle of the Avatar Felucca