The Inner Warrior

The Inner Warrior is a New Player Quest found in New Haven and begins with Sarsmea Smythe the Focus Instructor.


Increase Focus to 50


Head East out of town to Old Haven. Expend stamina and mana until you have raised your Focus skill to 50.


Well, hello there. Don't you look like quite the adventurer!

You want to learn more about Focus, do you? I can teach you something about that, but first you should know that not everyone can be disciplined enough to excel at it. Focus is the ability to achieve inner balance in both body and spirit, so that you recover from both physical and mental exertion faster than you otherwise would.

If you want to practice focus, the best place to do that is east of here, in Old Haven, where you'll find an undead infestation. Exert yourself physically by engaging in combat and moving quickly. For testing your mental balance, expend mana in whatever way you find most suitable to your abilities. Casting spells and using abilities work well for consuming your mana.

Go. Train hard, and you will find that your concentration will improve naturally. When you've improved your ability to focus yourself at an Apprentice level, come back to me and I shall give you something worthy of your new ability.


Look who it is! I knew you could do it if you just had the discipline to apply yourself. It feels good to recover from battle so quickly, doesn't it? Just wait until you become a Grandmaster, it's amazing!

Please take this gift as you've more than earned it with your hard work. It will help you recover even faster during battle, and provides a bit of protection as well.

You have so much more potential, so don't stop trying to improve your Focus now! Safe travels!



Stay within Old Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.