Thou and Thine Shield

Thou and Thine Shield is a new player quest found in the Warriors Guild Hall in New Haven and begins with Tyl Ariadne the Parrying Instructor.


Increase Parrying to 50


Head East out of town to Old Haven. Battle monsters, or simply let them hit you, while holding a shield or weapon until you have raised your Parrying skill to 50.


Oh, hello. You probably want me to teach you how to parry, don't you?

Very well.

First, you'll need a weapon or shield. Obviously shields work best of all, but you can parry with a 2-handed weapon. Or if you're feeling particularly brave, a 1-handed weapon will do in a pinch.

I'd advise you to go to Old Haven, which you'll find to the East, and practice blocking incoming blows from the undead there. You'll learn quickly if you have more than one opponent attack you at the same time to practice parrying lots of blows at once. That's the quickest way to master the art of parrying.

If you manage to improve your skill enough, I have a shield that you might find useful. Come back to me when you've trained to apprentice level.


Well done! You're much better at parrying blows than you were when we first met. You should be proud of your newfound ability and I bet your body is grateful to you as well.

*Tyl Ariadne laughs loudly at his own (mostly lame) joke*

Oh yes, I did promise you a shield if I thought you were worthy of having it, so here you go. My father made these shields for the guards who served my family faithfully for many years, and I just happen to have one that I can part with. You should find it useful as you explore the lands.

Good luck, and may the Virtues be your guide.



Stay within Old Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.