Cloak Of Death

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Cloak Of Death.png
Cloak Of Death
Weight: 2 Stones
Hit Chance Increase 3%
Defense Chance Increase 3%
Spell Damage Increase 3%
Strength Requirement 10

A special Elven Robe created for the player by Cullen the Seer, using 10 Threads of Fate and a Cloak of Corruption. Can be dyed with a Dying Tub but not with Pigments of Tokuno.

The conversion of the Cloak of Corruption into the Cloak Of Death, Cloak Of Life, or Cloak Of Power was first possible during Part VIII: The Last in Line of the larger event arc Warriors of Destiny.

Alteration: Since this is a robe, it cannot be altered for gargoyles.

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