Thread of Life

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The Thread of Life is an item that was found as loot on Dark Wisps during the Blackrock Detector event. They were introduced to gameplay on March 29, 2008 in the alternate Moonglow. Currently, they can be acquired by using Spirit Speak on Restless Souls found in Magincia. Companion to the Thread of Fate and Thread of Thought, it's proper use is at the time of writing is unclear.


Speaking Thread

Characters with Spirit Speak can hear a special message from each thread by double-clicking it. Most give a different message and only those with the same phrase will stack. Threads gained during the Blackrock Detector event do not stack at all. Here are messages heard from the Thread of Life:

  • "You begin working."
  • "You face a dark wood with two paths, and finally choose the one you wish to travel."
  • "You make a new friend."
  • "For a fleeting moment you walk along the edge of a dream, sharing in the experience."
  • "A jumble of thoughts tumble chaotically through, but at last the confusion passes."
  • "For a brief moment you are able to believe something as someone else does, yet it doesn't last."
  • "You have a child."
  • "You are born."
  • "You take a moment to reflect upon the past, and find it leads you to a solution for the present"
  • "You protect something"
  • "You are imprisoned."
  • "You fight."
  • "You marry."
  • "You're faced by an unfamiliar problem, but experience has given you the tools to forge ahead."
  • "Vivid images fill your mind, and unfamilar thoughts struggle to give them meaning"
  • "Clarity leads you to an insightful thought, and you find yourself pleased with your rationale."
  • "You die"
  • "The sights, smells and sounds are long gone, but you can still feel them as though it just happened."
  • "You're blinded by bursts of color, and reality seems to bend around you."
  • "You find a lover."

The Thread of Fate and Thread of Thought make different statements.

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