Thread of Fate

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The Thread of Fate is an item that was found as loot on Dark Wisps during the Blackrock Detector event. They were introduced to gameplay on March 29, 2008 in the alternate Moonglow. Currently they can be acquired by defeating Corrupted Souls found in Magincia (the items drop directly into your pack). Companion to the Thread of Life and Thread of Thought, it's proper use is at the time of writing is unclear.


Speaking Thread

Characters with Spirit Speak can hear a special message from each thread by double-clicking it. Most give a different message and only those with the same phrase will stack. Threads gained during the Blackrock Detector event do not stack at all. Here are messages heard from the Thread of Fate:

  • "Passion dances with lust, you know what you want."
  • "The coldness bursts into flame: for a moment your hatred knows no bounds."
  • "For one pure moment absolute joy overwhelms you; you've never felt happier."
  • "Regret and remorse fall away at long last: you feel forgiven"
  • "Feelings of warmth and appreciation wash over you: you've gained something."
  • "Despair and sorrow sink to the depths of your soul: a precious thing was lost."
  • "Peace comforts you; the hand of fate gives way to your hope."
  • "Indescribable feelings flow through you; your love is returned by another.."
  • "A feeling of euphoria envelopes you: something new, something wonderful, something undiscovered!"

The Thread of Life and Thread of Thought make different statements.

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