Maleki's Honor (Juggernaut Set)

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Metal Kite Shield.png
Maleki's Honor (Juggernaut Set)
Weight: 7 Stones
Part Of A Weapon/Armor Set (2 Pieces)
Physical Resist 3%
Fire Resist 3%
Cold Resist 3%
Poison Resist 3%
Energy Resist 3%
Strength Requirement 45
Durability: 46 (min) - 60 (max)
Maleki's Honor (Juggernaut Set).png
Full Set Bonuses:
Self Repair 3
Strength Bonus 10
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Swing Speed Increase 35%

Maleki's Honor is an artifact Metal Kite Shield. Together with Evocaricus, a sword, it makes up the Juggernaut Set. By itself (without Evocaricus), Maleki's Honor is not very powerful.

Parts change hue and impart additional properties when the entire set is equipped. The Marksman Set was introduced along with several other Item Sets by the Mondain's Legacy expansion.

Pieces of this set are considered "rare" and should spawn only from Peerlesses, bosses in the Doom Gauntlet, named Mondain's Legacy monsters, and certain event specific monsters such as the ethereal forms of the Shadowlords.

There is some mystery surrounding which parts can be acquired from which creatures. Some players have found that only certain parts will drop from non-Peerless/Darkfather monsters, while other players claim to have received all parts from standard "named" monsters. It may be that some named monsters will not drop certain parts from certain sets. However, due to their immense rarity, it is difficult to determine any exact patterns with certainty.

When the set is completely assembled, the total modifiers are:

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